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I have recently created a 2-day bespoke career training session for the Designer & Art Director duo Allset, with the aim of building their professional confidence and developing a tailored strategy for a more successful career path.  Whilst being well-established in the industry they felt they were a little stuck in the world of low-budget promos, idents and commercials and were keen to get noticed by bigger names to move up and work on dramas and film – so they called me for guidance & using my own experience in training for Art Dept & Design, I structured a private course to improve their prospects.

The feedback has been incredibly encouraging and I can’t wait to repeat the course for other creatives.  The course featured personal branding & marketing, website appraisal, vocal confidence, methods of working, art dept structures, budgeting, leadership & becoming a visual entrepreneur.  Here’s what Richard & Paula of Allset said of their experience:

After working in Television for many years I started feeling very isolated within the industry. I became an Art Director via an unconventional route and as such felt my lack of knowledge of the traditional structure within this area was adding to my sense of isolation, and lack of confidence.  After initially meeting Lisa Marie Hall I instantly knew that the help she was offering was something I had been looking for, for a very long time and she was the person to help me.
The first day was spent working on who I was and where my passion lay. This is something that had all too easily become forgotten about over the years. Her fun and sometimes challenging approach left with me with a greater sense of identity and self belief, something I hope to never forget. The second day was more industry based and we spent the first part looking a traditional structure of the Art Department. This itself gave me a greater understanding of the individual roles and expectations of the Art Department after which we looked at this structure and learnt how to adapt where necessary to suit each individual project. Lisa’s courage to alter conventions when needed and extensive knowledge of Art History is something to be admired and it was through her knowledge of Art History I learnt to look at the world with fresh eyes and to take inspiration from places I may not of at first have looked. Spending these two days with Lisa was an experience I will never forget and hope to take this renewed enthusiasm, self belief and new ways of seeing with me in the future. I would thoroughly recommend this experience not only because of the way it has changed myself and my way of working but also because her spirit and passion is something everyone would benefit from. I hope to stay in touch with Lisa for many years to come – Richard
Lisa’s approach to, and ways of, working was so refreshing and bold and in a way gave weight and a sense of justification to the kind of unconventional way we have been working for the last 8 years…In practical terms it has been really useful to breakdown individual tasks to learn and/or improve on, so when it feels a bit overwhelming I can remember to look at one task at a time and concentrate on that. I am also trying to take a new approach, or improve on a previous approach, for each new project – to look at allocating tasks according to strengths, to build great teams and learn from past projects. I am learning to be more flexible and to embrace the chaos and take only good things from it.
I loved hearing about Lisa’s ways of working and was frequently in awe of her extensive knowledge and her obvious passion for teaching. I think the proof of what a hugely positive impact this has had on both me and Rich, is that a week later, we are still excited and enthusiastic about putting changes into place and are looking forward to moving forward – Paula

Places now available on 2-day Budgeting Training Course, central London:

Further details including confirmed Guest Speakers coming soon…

Previous Events:

LOOKING BACK at Get A Look In Central London, December 2011

The UK’s First 3-Day Art Department & Production Design Training Event

I suspect I’m going to look back on this as a life-changing weekend.  It’s given me a lot ot think about – not just about my career, but about me as a person.” – Sion Clarke

Lisa is a pioneer because this is something that we are desperately missing – it’s the first happening of this kind for the people in the art department… And she’s really taught us things which you don’t get taught at college or school.” – Elena Riccabona

Get A Look In was a huge success – a great deal was learnt by both the attendees and by me.  So, plans are in place to run the course again late January-mid Feb 2012 & to develop into a much larger annual programme so keep a look out for further details.

With huge thanks to: Caitlin Thompson, Martha Dancy, Sarah Shepherd, Simon Wakefield, Richard Hudson, Judy Ducker, Simon Rogers, Caroline Greville Morris, Bernard Kay, Mark Farley, Emma De Polnay, Barnaby Spurrier, James Pett, Laura Greenhalgh, Susan Sentler, Women In Film & TV, Arts Admin, Plink.

(Photos to follow shortly)

For student classes, art departments & like-minded friends: take advantage of this offer to get £20 off your ticket price to “Get A Look In“.  Spread the word!


I am pleased to welcome Production Designer Simon Rogers (Warp’s latest hit feature ‘Tyrannosaur“, BBC’s The Thick of ItMongrels, Phoneshop) and TV/Commercials Director Ben Caron (currently directing Skins, past work includes Derren Brown: The Heist, digital work for JAY-Z  & ad campaigns forIKEA, Lynx, Nokia, Fiat) to attend ‘Get A Look In‘ in December.  Simon Rogers will be talking about his current work & meeting participants of the workshop for one-to-one portfolio critiques.  

Ben Caron will be attending the Midweek Workshop on the 14th December to participate in a TV Commercials group activity & a Q&A talk about his work in advertising & TV drama.*

I am striving to put together a varied list of guests to represent work in all spheres & levels of production from low-budget films to high-end commercials, with a mix of up-and-coming & well-established names, those who inspire you & those who may hire you in the future.

Art Department Trainee and Assistant Scheme

Your unique invitation to meet Agents at Sara Putt Associates

Come along to either the Midweek or Weekend Workshop in December and you have the chance to meet with Sara and Laurily from Sara Putt Associates (Film and TV Agency), who are introducing an Art Department Trainee and Assistant Scheme which will be officially launched in the New Year.  Its aim is to give sought-after opportunities to aspiring art department personnel, even if you’re at the beginning of your career.

The official launch for the scheme will not be until January 2012 but ticket holders at ‘Get a Look In’ will be the first to know how to apply for one of their limited spaces. The workshop is therefore both a chance for you to learn and to make a great impression.  If accepted onto the scheme you will have an affiliation with this leading agency, taking that important first step up to the professional level and being guided to find the jobs before others do.

What You Get:

1 – Club Membership: You will have access to all of our knowledge and experience based on over 20 years of representing freelancers. You will be in the company of highly respected HOD’s. You have the opportunity to meet and network with others working at your level and above.  You don’t need to be alone in the freelance world.

2 – Access to current Production List: We have a full time researcher who keeps our Film and TV production lists constantly up to date.  They are available to you via your private log in to our website and these will give you all the information you need in order for you to contact productions.  

3 – Networking Events: We hold bi-monthly networking drinks events in the centre of London to which all our clients, trainees, assistants and Production Companies attend.  They are priceless opportunities to in-formally meet colleagues and potential employers.

4 – Workshops & Seminars: We have a training programme and regularly hold workshops and seminars on subjects such as – Being a Freelancer, Successful Networking, Improving your Interview Technique and Creating the Best CV.

5 – Mentoring Scheme: We will endeavour to pair each trainee with an HOD from SPA in order for them to meet up to discuss all aspects of the industry and to share knowledge and experience.

As the scheme builds you will be part of a community of aspiring talent that Production Designers will come looking for.  The scheme will cost you £20 per month plus VAT to have access to all the services above, but you will have a well-renowned agent behind you all the way as you start off in your career – that, is priceless.


I am delighted to welcome two highly acclaimed women of the film & TV industry: Production Designer Caroline Greville Morris & Production Buyer Judy Ducker to appear at ‘Get A Look In‘ to both give insight into their careers and to take a look at ticket-holders own work and offer advice.

Appearing at the Midweek Workshop, Caroline is a Production Designer who has honed her trade on the job as well as in the design studio. After completing a degree in Graphic Design she embarked on a post college portfolio career in fashion and photography from her shop in Kensington Market. An early contributor to the Face and ID magazines it was not long before she was styling and Art Directing music videos. In the late 80s here was a vital place to learn the nuts and bolts of film making while being truly experimental and inventive. Working with top directors such as Tim Pope, Russell Mulcahy, Peter Christopherson and Jim Yukich she clocked up over 500. This led to work on TV commercials and campaigns for products as diverse as Adidas, British Airways, AOL, Guinness, Sainsbury’s and Pizza Hut. Her break into features came in 1994 with E=mc2, followed by nine other films. Her eclectic background manifests itself in a collaborative attitude towards other departments, namely camera, wardrobe and VFX with whom she always works closely. www.caroline-greville-morris.tk

Appearing on Saturday 17th December will be the highly-respected Production Buyer Judy Ducker.  Currently working on the project of the moment, Snow White & The Huntsman at Pinewood Studios, she will be giving her time at the workshop to talk about Production Buying.  Judy’s career is an inspiring one & brings a great deal of wisdom & experience to the workshop: a Buyer for 30 years, she was trained at the BBC in the days when their training was second to none and was lucky enough to have been the Buyer on classic programmes such as The Two RonniesOpen All Hours and BAFTA award winning dramas Fortunes of War and Alan Bennett’s The Insurance Man. She also provided the props for the operas Cosi Fan Tutti and The Beggars Opera directed by Jonathan Miller. Her work in feature films includes Martin Scorcese’s ‘Hugo’The Golden Compass, Oscar-winning The HoursHannibal Rising The Portrait of a Ladywww.judyducker.com


Legendary Set Decorator & Art Director Simon Wakefield will be joining other guest speakers at the Midweek Workshop to talk about his incredible career in film & TV, working on big studio pictures for over 40 years: Batmin Begins, Bond films: Casino Royale, Die Another Day, The World Is Not Enough, Live & Let Die, Muppet Treasure Island, Gorillas In The Mist, Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, & the cult classic American Werewolf In London. He will speak of the important role of Set Decorator, spend time looking at ticket-holders portfolios & talk about his own Set Decorating Training Course.


I am excited to welcome 3 more guests to ‘Get A Look In’: Managing Director of My Special PA Emma De Polnay, up-and-coming and very talented Production Designer Richard Hudson, and owner of the famous family-run UK props house Mark Farley.

Emma De Polnay worked in film & TV as an Art Director before leaving the industry to pursue her career running her own business, My Special PA.  Her unique skills in the Art Department brought a cutting edge to her new business and now with a fresh new perspective, she takes time out from her clients to talk about what lessons business could teach the Art Department: www.myspecialpa.co.uk  She will be appearing on Thursday 15th & Sunday 18th December.

Production Designer Richard Hudson will be joining us on Saturday 17th December.  He leads the new generation of young designers and is a future star of tomorrow.  Trained at Central School of Saint Martins & the NFTS, his skills in concept artwork are fantastically stylish & he has a fascinating background in theatre, photography & ceramics – check out his website: www.richardwmhudson.com.  His work on commercials and promos will be the particular focus of his Q&A at ‘Get A Look In’.

Mark Farley, owner of props house The Farley Group will be appearing on Thursday 15th to give a presentation on the services Farley provides & the importance of good relationships with UK props houses.  He will talk about the etiquette of prop hire, the process and how technology is changing the way we all work.  The Farley Group (Farley, Spiller, Lewis & Kaye & Props Galore) has existed for over 50 years and is an important landmark in our film & TV industry.  Mark Farley sponsors the Joseph Farley Award for Production Design MA students at the NFTS and he & his company have a very close & nurturing relationship with new talent in Art Departments.

*All guests are subject to change owing to their own busy & unpredictable working schedules.  Replacements will be sought where possible & ticket-holders notified as soon as possible.

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