Resources for Students

I am a Production Designer.  I am a creative storyteller.  I am also a teacher.

My aim is to teach the honest business of storytelling, the realistic art of problem-solving, the constructive management of people, and be education’s most relevant link to the moving image industry.  So this part of my website is for all those students of design for performance and all the new talent that are beginning their paths into this craft.  Here you can find links to projects I have created to help anyone wanting to know more about design for film, TV and theatre.

Holy Flying CircusClick here for CHIC FUN GORY SILLY: Welcome to the ultimate behind-the-scenes of Production Design.  Read a unique day-by-day account what it took for me to design a TV programme.  I can’t reveal the actual name of the show, Chic Fun Gory Silly is an anagram, but this was written during a real job I did in 2011.  It was intended as a teaching resource, an honest & realistic account for anyone interested in jobs in design for TV & film but it has become more than this, it is a personal journey of not what you have to do, but what it demands of you as a person.  It is filled with documents, drawings, graphics, models, set photos and more.  Kindly funded by the David Lean Foundation, this is unlike any other book you’ll find on Production Design.

Screen shot 2012-05-13 at 14.33.27Click here for WORK EXPERIENCE on Still Life:  Here you’ll find a very unusual diary of life in the Art Department on a film I designed called Still Life, directed by Uberto Pasolini.  But unlike Chic Fun Gory Silly, this is written entirely by the work experience volunteers we had each week – the job, unedited, was explained through their eyes.  It is an account of what they do and what they learn, intended as a way to share the realities of first time working experience to other students and graduates.  It is also a way to help me and other designers make sure placements are giving the right and honest real-world insight and education.  We start in the final weeks of prep, just before tech recces begin…

L.I.S.A.Click here for L.I.S.A. PRESENTS: Listen Imagine Speak Act is an initiative for the education of all creatives, beyond student level in the many artistic sectors of performance & media.  Methods of working are just as important as the final result and in my years of experience, it’s often the reason why you’ll be hired again and again.  Here is a look back at all the work I have done for this initiative: bespoke careers training, teaching and workshops.

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