About Lisa

Lisa 1 cropIt has been hard to explain what Lisa is About.  I have dedicated 15 years to the craft of Production Design, learning, doing and teaching, so I guess that & the credit list on the CV down below makes me a Production Designer.

Not quite.

What it has actually made me is a storyteller, to which I dedicate my next 15 years and more to.  So perhaps it’s better to say here what I’m about to be about.  And that is: a vital figure in design for performance.  One who will champion its cause & education, increase its understanding, pioneer new ways of thought & practice, nurture new talent, improve prospects, connect a community, inspire high quality, celebrate the sensory world it imagines, and above all, share the enormous passion I have for it.  I’d like to be the one person you know you can come to; to ask the whats, whys, whens and hows of Production Design, from the nitty gritties to the big life-affirmers.  I will blog, tweet and document my work, write articles, meet new faces (if you ask nicely) and share my many professional meetings with two well known imposters: Triumph and Disaster.  So this is an ongoing story, a journey where the destination is unknown but I’m sure that you and I will meet along the way.

See you there.


Call My Agent: Sara Putt Associates – Tel: +44 (0)1932 571 044 – Email: sara@saraputt.co.uk




One thought on “About Lisa

  1. Hi Lisa!

    I find your blog very inspiring especially for people that are starting like me, so thank you for taking the time to write and especially for the quality of your article it’s very helpful!
    I wish you the best for 2013!


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