Boots No 7: Ready For More

No 7 BOOTSThe new campaign for Boots No. 7 Lift & Luminate Serum is out now.  I designed the 60-second commercial and it features a large studio set designed for a dance performance and built at Black Island Studios, London, for Tomboy Films.  Tom Harper directed (War & Peace, This Is England ’86) and Wayne McGregor choreographed the new piece.  The ad uses an in-camera hologram system supplied by Musion as 52-year old ballerina Alessandra Ferri dances with herself aged 19.  The set design focused on a traditional painted scenic backdrop – an honest approach to filming in a large sound stage.  A scenic artist with an assistant spent 5 days painting the 77m long x 9m high cloth with two striking abstract triangular marks that look like giant charcoal lines.

Here’s a selection of images that show the design from conception, pitch, model and realisation:

No 7 01Two Paths
No 7 03Strength
01 Curtain 03 Charcoal Lines 09 Richard Serra Backdrop

Then came the model which shows the hologram system supplied by Musion, and concept visuals for the client & agency pitch:

The final cloth design for the scenic artist to transpose to full scale:No7 FINAL CYC DESIGN

Stills from the shoot:


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