A look back at the design work on the BBC 5-part drama London Spy, starring Ben Whishaw & Jim Broadbent, directed by Jakob Verbruggen.  Even though it was a contemporary drama, the work for the art department was incredibly varied, ranging from on-screen computer graphics, a large studio build at Elstree, wrapping angels in a surreal castle, burning down a maze and building an S&M attic. Big inspirations were the work of photographer Francois Halard, the personal home of designer Carlo Mollino, and the composition of Alfred Hitchcock’s interior sets.

LMHall London Spy-1

LMHall London Spy-2

LMHall London Spy-3

LMHall London Spy-4

LMHall London Spy-5

LMHall London Spy-6

LMHall London Spy-7

Danny’s Vauxhall flat, composite build in the George Lucas stage, Elstree:

And that attic…built at Wimbledon Studios:

LS Attic draft 1 work in progress-8LS Attic draft 1 work in progress-2LS Attic draft 1 work in progress-4LS Attic draft 1 work in progress-5

CRYPTEX vis text 3D Graphic vis4

And some of the many other locations around Greater London and Oxfordshire:

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