Designing BBC Drama ‘SS-GB’

one1Currently working on BBC drama ‘SS-GB’, an adaptation of Len Deighton’s novel penned by James Bond writers Robert Wade & Neal Purvis.  Directed by Philipp Kadelbach and produced by Sid Gentle Films, this is a chilling alternative history piece, a crime thriller set against the backdrop of Britain in 1941, 14 months after we lost the Battle of Britain and are now firmly under Nazi occupation.  This has been a brilliant design opportunity to create a Germanic London we haven’t seen before whilst staying true to the 1940s period.  Graphics in the show have been a hugely important part of the design and whilst we have been largely working on location, almost all of the 110 sets have been substantial construction and set decoration efforts.   This has also been a close Design & VFX collaboration and our work with Nzivible has both enhanced the CG content and greatly educated the design department! Filming is due to finish in January 2016 and we hope to see it air sometime in the autumn season.

SS-GB page

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