Launching The All New & Improved Production Design Diary…Today!

Out with the old & in with the new!  Launching online today the most unique & unmissable Production Design event of this year: CHIC FUN GORY SILLY – the most detailed, honest & hopefully inspiring account of designing a film you’ll ever read. Throughout my job designing “Chic Fun Gory Silly” I kept a diary; every single day for the 65 days I worked on the project.  I recorded everything I did & felt, all the nitties & gritties, to explain just what it is a Production Designer does and how (or not) to do it. No-one has ever documented the whole design process like this before and it is meant as a teaching tool for all those working their way up in art departments and those young & aspiring art directors & designers.  Each daily entry will be released on this website and will include many pictures, drawings, and links to documents and inspiring references.  It will cover research, how ideas transform into practical solutions, people management, budgeting, scheduling, construction, modelmaking, set decoration, survival and above all, leadership.  You may not have seen the film, but my account is a story in itself, with many challenges, a few problems, very little money, very little sleep, one fractured foot, only one parking ticket, and thankfully, a happy ending.

I’m on Day 25 already & I’m publishing it a day at a time for the next 2 months.  I will tweet a link on Twitter @Moving_Design & Facebook everyday but its success will depend on your daily following and spreading the word via social networks.  So please retweet & add links to your own blogs & sites and enjoy the read!

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